The 4T's for Diabetes Diagnosis Campaign and My Story of Diagnosis

Remembering the 4t's of diabetes are a great way, created by Diabetes UK- the charity for people with diabetes to help identify the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes.
The 4t's are:
-Toilet - Going more frequently than normal
- Thirsty - An increased thirst and never feeling like     the thirst has been quenched
- Tired - Being more tired than usual
- Thinner - Noticeable weight loss or the appearance of looking thinner.
Diabetes UK claim that a concerning 1 out of every 4 young people and children diagnosed with the condition go into DKA first. DKA stands for diabetic ketoacidosis, which is a serious problem that occurs when the body doesn't have enough insulin to help push sugar out of the bloodstream and into the muscles. So it starts to break down protein instead. Which I know from my own experience is a painful and unpleasant process.
Raising awareness of the symtoms is a vital part of early diagnosis. Before I was diagnosed I didn't know much about diabetes. It was a disease that other people I knew had. My experience was that whilst I did experience all of the symtoms of the 4t's. It was caught in time so as not to go into DKA.
I remember it started with the thirst for me. I was 13 at the time of diagnosis, having just has my birthday. I used to drink what ever I could get my hands on. But always still felt desperately thirsty for more. I used to get up all through thr night to drink water.
But then because I was drinking so much and my body was trying to flush out what was goin on, I couldn't stop going to the toilet. I would get up a minimum of 7 times a night to drink and go to the toilet. And as a result of that and my body not being able to produce energy the tiredness set in. I would be up all night and then asleep during the days. I remember whilst being looked after by my grandmother, she would wake me for meals. And then I would go back to sleep until the next time I had to eat. During this time I lost about 2 stone in weight too.
But luckily my story was a happy one. My mum took me to the doctors fairly early on for a urine test. After the results of that I was immediately referred to the hospital for diagnosis. Where I was put straight onto injections and started to feel like myself after a few days.
The nurses were fantastic and came to my house when I got out of hospital. And even went to my school before I went back. In order to help educate not just myself and my family, but the people around me. Just to make my transition into diabetes that little bit smoother. And for that I'll always be grateful because at a worrying and frightening time they were there with the help and support we needed.


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