30/30 Challenge Complete!

A few weeks ago I blogged about a fellow athlete with Type 1 diabetes Gavin Griffiths. He was planning on running 30 marathons over 30 days, travelling the length and breadth of the country in order to raise money and awareness of the condition of diabetes. From the updates I've enjoyed reading from him, the journey has been nothing short of an amazing adventure- that not only took in the scenery and famous sites that the UK has to offer but also the many wonderful people that he met along the way.

The complete number of miles totaled in excess of 900! No mean feat in a car, let alone by foot! And by the sounds of it there were many adventures along the route. The last day which turned out to be a 40 miler was no exception. Supported by numerous people with Type 1 diabetes, their families and supporters Gavin can be quoted as saying that "It would not have been possible to accomplish this without the support of all the people along the way, driving and taking my bags, cheering me on, running beside me a few miles or a full day." Gavin was lucky enough to have been received by some of the biggest and best football clubs in the UK including Manchester United!

The amazing feat seemed to begin and end with football as Gavin's favourite team were playing the day he set off from the Palace vs Watford game where he carried his Olympic Torch across the pitch at half time. He then finished at Wembley stadium to watch Watford in the playoff final. It was also there that Gavin was interviewed by Sky Sports TV prior to the beginning of the match, about all he had achieved. And it was all of this extra support that Gavin claimed were his "extra leg" when he needed it.

It's my opinion that not only has Gavin achieved a serious personal best by completing this marathon journey. But he's also shown so many people what's possible when you put your mind to it, despite having a condition such as Type 1 diabetes. If I ever lack motivation to do something in the future I know I'll be using Gav's determination and motivation as inspiration to achieve. So far Gavin has raised £3,547! But it's not too late you can still donate and all proceeds go to the worthy charities Diabetes UK and JDRF both who support, campaign and fund research into a cure for diabetes.


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