Diabetes UK Cymru Family Day Events 2013

Recently I've been learning about sharing experiences within the diabetes community, whether that be with other people with the condition, your friends or family or even all three. The greatest shame is when you have diabetes and don't feel like you can share your thoughts or experiences with any of them.

I believe the importance of sharing experiences when living with a condition such as diabetes is integral, to helping us get along with the living and coping with it. Sharing experiences with other people with diabetes can help you:

  • Not feel alone
  • Learn from other peoples experiences
  • Help you make friends
  • Improve diabetes management
  • Provide people to talk to about concerns or issues
  • Give a sense of 'normality' without the need to explain your condition

This year in Wales, happening in both June and September are 'Diabetes Family Events'. The events are an opportunity for young people and their families to come together and share experiences of living with the condition. Whether that's from the point of view of the young person with diabetes, or their family who live with them and their diabetes. The event lasts for a whole day and is open young people aged between 11 and 17 years old with the condition, and also their parents and siblings. It is an opportunity to share through fun and interactive activities for the youngsters and to learn for the parents through talking to experts, networking and learning about coping mechanisms for managing the day to day living with a child who has diabetes.

In my humble opinion one of the things that is particularly exciting and innovative about the day, is that alongside the Diabetes UK staff and medical professionals present there will be us young people too. Who have actually lived with diabetes- in some cases most of their lives, others who were diagnosed during their teenage years whilst some have been diagnosed in the last couple of months. As I mentioned, not only have we been living with the condition, but we've come out okay the other side too. And we'll be there to pass the same message on about living with the condition in general and how we've learnt to manage it.

The family day in North Wales is to be held on 23rd June 2013 at Plas Menai near Bangor. I went and stayed there a few weeks ago as part of our training and it was one of the most beautiful settings I've ever visited in Wales. The site is also a sports council venue and has activities and assault courses available too. What better setting to make life-long friendships and learn to take control of managing diabetes? The other day in South Wales is on September 28th will be held at the De Vere Village Hotel in Swansea. The venue of the Diabetes UK Cymru Awards not so long ago. And the cost of each family event? Just £10 per family! As if that reason isn't enough to come along, I would have loved something like this when I was younger but they weren't available. I'm sure I would of been better equipped to manage what was to come... so we'll see you there!

To get there you'll need to get an information pack and book by contacting familyevents.wales@diabetes.org.uk or by calling 01745 508 506


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