Diabetes Discovers No Limits - Day 2

Travelling up to London in the Summer time has great memories for me as it reminds me of all the excitement that was around the preparation for the London Olympic Games last year. The biggest moment of the Olympics and Paralympics for me aside from the sporting events themselves were the opening ceremony proceedings and when I carried the Olympic Torch. So with this in mind I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go and see a special exhibition being held on the games at the Museum of London.

In the shadow of St Paul's Cathedral the little museum was quite quirky looking from the outside. As it sits above ground level, nestled between the sky scrapers and office blocks. And then once inside your guided around a history of the city of London, from the times of the early settlers and through all the great moments throughout time. Moments such as the plague, the great fire of London and there was even a walk down the cobbled streets of a replica Victorian street. The tour through time finally ended in the most recent big event in the city's history- the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The small exhibit was divided up between the opening ceremony to the games and some sporting memorabilia from the event, including a pair of Tom Daley's swimming trunks. The opening ceremony display included one of the newspaper inspired police officer's uniform's and a Mary Poppins outfit complete with flying umbrella.

It was lovely to take a trip down memory lane back to last Summer and the Games, and now I'm looking forward to tomorrows adventure.


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