Diabetes Discovers No Limits - Day 3

Today's adventure was a day trip to Brighton, a beautiful seaside town situated just under an hour outside of London city centre. It took a few trips on warm public transport to get there, but standing by the seaside with pebbles between my toes it was well worth it.

Although picturesque the trip along Brighton Pier had the ability to end in disaster because what you can't see from the shore line were the gaps in the board walk, that made up the pier. Equally as scenic were the gardens surrounding the Royal Pavilion Brighton where we were able to stop for afternoon tea.

Regular blood sugar checks were a must today, because at it's height the sun created a temperature of 27 degrees. And with all the walking around my blood sugars didn't rise above double figures. But with no hypos, beautiful weather and all of the scenery and architecture a good time was had by all.


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