What to Wear at a Festival - When you Have an Insulin Pump

I didn't appreciate the fact until I went to Wireless festival in London this year, just how much festivals are a hub for fashion. And how they shine a spotlight on future trends. It was obvious at a glance that both men and women had spent hours deliberating the right outfit/style/trend for the event.

For women, retailers such as Topshop and River Island were extremely popular because of they're use of floaty fabrics, on trend colour ways in neons and brights along with seasonal patterns such as aztec and monochrome print. And converse seemed to be the shoe of choice, I'm sure due to comfort and trend along with style. Most notably for men the style was the visibility of the patterned two piece shorts and shirt ensemble. The look was completed with a patterned snap cap and retro Nike shoes, with socks pulled up as high as would allow.

But with an insulin pump both style and function are to be considered when dressing for a festival. Things to consider include pockets for easy access to a pump. Perhaps a floaty/ loose silhouette so as not to knock the site of the insulin pump needle. Something I found useful was to have some coverage over the pump. So that when making my way through the crowds at the festival, the tube connecting the pump to the needle didn't get caught on anything or anyone.

On the first day of the festival I chose to wear loose harem trousers. With an on trend monochrome aztec pattern, the trousers included pockets on both sides for my pump. Accompanied with a black vest top that was long enough to safely cover the pump. The effect of the patterned trousers was also to draw emphasis away from the pump itself.

On day two I wore denim shorts again with pockets for my pump to go in. That went under a neon animal print vest top. The top was fitted at the shoulders and then billowed at the waist to cover the insulin pump. The outfit had the benefit of being cool and on trend and also allowed me access to the pump when required. Diabetes can be frustrating at times but it shouldn't get in the way of having a good time this Summer.


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