Diabetes Discovers No Limits - Day 5

Today was one of the days I'd been waiting for, seemingly for months- the start of the Yahoo Wireless Festival in the Queen Elizabeth Park in Stratford. It was amazing going back there, as it holds so many happy memories from last year and watching the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The line up for the day was phenomenal -including Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg and my personal favourite John Legend. And no one disappointed. I've been a fan of John Legend for years and years and seeing him perform completed my 'bucket list'. Also on the list of people to see before I die was Alicia Keys who I saw the year I finished university and Michael Bublè who I saw on Monday.

40,000 people packed out the space that filled what was the BMX arena during the Olympics. The sun was shining throughout the day until it turned to night and JT came on stage to finish the show. Amazingly despite the heat I didn't experience a single hypo throughout the day, and that includes all the dancing too. Once again regular blood testing was a must. But the whole experience made for a brilliant day and I can't wait to enjoy Day 2 and Jay-Z.

Keep watching this space for the forthcoming blog about diabetes and festivals.


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