Quality In Care People's Award 2013

In the time that you or somebody close to you has had diabetes, have you ever met someone that has made it all easier? Or that has helped you understand your diabetes better. Have they helped you in your care of/ management of diabetes or perhaps you've met someone who has inspired you along the way?

Although they might be appreciated, it's not often that you get the opportunity to really say thank you to them for their care/support/services given. But the Quality In Care Diabetes (QIC) People's Award is an opportunity to do just that. The programme was released at the Diabetes UK professionals conference that is held every year. As an organisation QIC works by recognising, rewarding and sharing good practice in diabetes management, education and patient care.

In addition to Diabetes UK the biggest charity that supports people with diabetes in the United Kingdom- the awards are also backed by the Associations of British Diabetologists, NHS Diabetes, Primary Care Diabetes Society, Training Research and Education for Nurses in Diabetes and the Young Diabetologists and Endocrinologists Forum. Which is a great way of practicing and sharing best practices and ensuring continuity of care for people with diabetes.

For me there have been numerous people that have shown passion and commitment to diabetes above the call of duty, that I have met since being diagnosed. For example, the nurses and volunteers that gave up their time for the family weekend that I recently attended. Or the nurses and consultant from my paediatric clinic, who used to give up their time to take us as children on days out. So that we could meet other people with diabetes. All of these people gave up their time even though it wasn't part of their job, so that people with the condition could be helped. Last year's winner was Zoe Scott who is the founder of Hedgie Pricks Diabetes, which is an online community that advocates psychological care for people with diabetes.

How Do I Nominate Someone?

So you have someone in mind, but how do you nominate them? In order to nominate somebody you have to go onto the QIC website and enter your information into the form provided. Last year over 70 deserving people were nominated for the honour of holding the title of QIC People's Award winner.

Nomination Process

Once your vote has been cast what happens next? Anyone is able to cast their vote for their nominee for the 2013 Quality In Diabetes (QIC) People's Award. All nominations that are received will then be uploaded to the QIC website. Where the public can then cast their vote. Entry for the People's Award category will close on the 20th of August 2013, and nominations will be posted on the QIC website for the public vote until September 3rd 2013. Once all votes have been counted the winner will be notified and invited to the awards ceremony which will be held at Sanofi HQ Guildford on Thursday October 10th 2013.

The entrees are now open so get voting for your diabetes hero! We might be the ones with the condition, but their the ones who help us get on with having diabetes. They do this by supporting and encouraging us on the good days picking us back up on the bad. So now is your moment to let them have their time in the spotlight... so get voting!


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