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This is just a short note to apologise for the lack of communication... ironic on a blog I know. We realised today that the communication area of the blog has not been allowing 'contact me' messages to get through to me. I'd like to apologise to all of the people that have contacted me and have not received a response. I was unaware that you had contacted me due to the technical difficulties. But now I am able to view the messages, I promise that I will contact you as soon as I can.

To correct the problem there is now a new way of contacting me- which is directly through the blog's email address. Which is lifesportdiabetes@gmail.com
Alternatively you can tweet me at the twitter name of MelStephenson01

I appreciate each and every person taking the time to contact me and love hearing the kind and interesting responses to the blog. Along with learning about what having diabetes in your life might mean to you. My sincerest apologies again and look forward to hearing from you soon!


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