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A few months back I wrote a dblog (diabetes blog) about the charity Diabetes UK becoming the new chosen parter of Tesco one of the biggest food retailer's in the UK. The partnership began with the aim of raising £10million to help people living with diabetes and to fund research towards a vaccine that could be used as a preventative measure for those at risk of the condition.

There have been a few different ways within the Tesco store that you can help Tesco and Diabetes UK raise money towards the vaccine. You can put change into one of the collection pots located at the till points, you can use one of they're barcode scanner's to add a donation to the cost of your shopping too. And little by little hopefully the public including myself are helping to make our way towards making the target. Most people have had a piggy bank or pot for loose change in the past, that you add to over-time. And exactly over-time the money starts to add up until it's time to see what's been saved. I know myself that I'm always surprised about just how much it adds up to and the Tesco collection is no different. Every time that I pop into the store of a local branch and pay for something I give some of my change to the pot.

Well if you haven't managed any of these method's of donation so far, this weekend is your chance to get involved as there is an event taking place across the country. Whereby you can go along to your local Tesco store on Saturday or Sunday and take part in the Diabetes UK Big Collection. At the event Diabetes UK volunteers will be going down to their local stores dressed up in variations of blue, with donation buckets. And they'll need you to get involved and help them raise money. These people will be giving up their time and efforts for free so please come down and support them.

Why donate?

Well if your not into donating or volunteering for other people, what about doing it for yourself? So you're thinking that because you don't have diabetes that there's no need to get involved in the cause? You couldn't be more wrong because the number of people that are being diagnosed with diabetes or know other people- their family or friends that have the condition is on the increase. And it's not an extra couple of people every year, the condition is effecting more people in the number of tens of thousands every year. As lifestyle's change with less active routines and poorer diets, diabetes becomes a real risk factor. With Type 2 there can sometimes be some warning that the condition's on it's way, sometimes known as pre-diabetes. But without raising awareness of the symptoms and knowing what to look out for, diabetes can creep up on people and in some undiagnosed cases cause complication's.

Be Awesome

Diabetes UK are encouraging people to 'Be Awesome' this Winter and get involved in volunteering. And I'm pleased to be a part of their campaign. This campaign is an opportunity that if you want to get involved in volunteering for the charity, you can find a way that suits you best. Either the Big Event could be your first experience of volunteering or you can choose your own way to get involved. The area of the campaign that I'm involved in is 'Be Awesome - Raise Awareness' because this is something that I feel very passionate about. And because there are so many imaginative and creative ways in which you can help people become more aware about diabetes. On the site I talk about why volunteering appeals to me and why I think you should get involved.

So which ever way you choose - get involved in your own Big Event or pop along to Tesco this weekend and let's all get involved in making diabetes more manageable and even prevent others from getting it.


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