Life Is A Marathon

This morning thousands of runner's would have been warming up, taking in some last minute carbohydrates and mentally preparing themselves for the Cardiff half marathon that's on today. Hopefully the runner's have been in training for month's for the event, and are looking forward to negotiating the race course.

Half marathon distance is just over 13 miles, that needs to be run in order to complete the course. Being a sprinter I can appreciate the effort and exertion that it will take the runner's to get from start to finish line. Especially those that are racing in pursuit of a specific time or a new personal best. The course is quite flat in parts, as I understand the route to be. So hopefully people will be pleased with their performances. I was speaking to people just yesterday that had travelled from the north of England for the event and were just getting some last minute thing's together in preparation for the race.

Scarily in recent week's I've met a couple of people who haven't been preparing for the marathon, although they are running it. They hadn't started training yet even though it was only a few weeks to go. And training in athletic events is all about preparing your body for the event that's about to come. To be able to get your best performance out of your body, it needs to be strong and ready for it. Some of them hadn't thought about their nutrition, gotten their shoes or really considered the stress that lack of preparation would put on their body. Whilst others had been in training for months and are ready and excited about the event.

Diabetes can be a bit like this, that even though people are aware of the condition- some might be lucky enough to get fore warning about it that their at risk. With Type 2 diabetes we're aware of many of the probable causes that contribute to being diagnosed with the condition. And there's no reason why you can't be prepared for what might be just around the corner. With the amount of people that are being diagnosed with the condition everyday, I feel that it is our responsibility as those who already have the condition to make them aware of the risks they take, by not looking after themselves. Apparently in Poland they share a similar belief.

At the international diabetes federation I got to know Martyna who was part of her own diabetes association in Poland. Everyone has stayed in touch since the camp and she kindly let us know about a campaign event that had recently been on in her country. It was called 10 steps from diabetes. The concept of the campaign was to ask everyone with diabetes and also without, to increase the amount of exercise that they do on a daily basis. With the hope that it will for those with diabetes - create a healthier lifestyle and hopefully reduce the risk of complications in later life. For those without the condition, as previously mentioned- a healthier lifestyle including exercise could be the difference between someone being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and not.

It's my opinion that diabetes prevention, for Type 2 diabetes anyway is all about taking precautions and doing your best to live a healthy lifestyle. You don't have to run marathons to do that, it could be as little as taking the stairs everyday instead of using the lift. Walking to the local shop when you need to, instead of taking the car. Or even just going for a walk in the beautiful Autumnal conditions that are displaying themselves at the moment. Because life isn't a sprint it's a full marathon and you want to be able get through it as best you can.


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