Diabetes UK Cymru Volunteers 'Thank You' Party Event 2013

Every year volunteers give the charity Diabetes UK their much valued time, money and talent for free in the aim of all working together to care and connect for people with diabetes, their loved ones and even those who don't yet know they have the condition. When ever I've given my time to them, Diabetes UK have always been grateful and I know others who would say the same. But this Friday just gone they wanted to give something back to their volunteers by throwing a party to say thanks!

The event was held at Churchill's Hotel in Cardiff with beautiful views over-looking Llandaff playing fields towards the North of the city. Many of those invited either worked for the charity or had volunteered in many different and exciting ways. There were members of the various adult support groups from around the city, professionals who work with diabetes and people with the condition in different capacities, I was there with the young persons project representatives from the family days. And there were also parents and families with loved ones who have diabetes as well.

It was such a wonderful mixture of people in attendance that the evening flew by whilst enjoying talking to the different people. I was particularly taken with a little one with diabetes and her family. The little girl was nearing the end of her first week with an insulin pump, at the age of three! Obviously I know that diabetes doesn't need to stop you doing anything, but I had real admiration for her and her parents. The way that she was happily running about the party like any other three year old. You would never know that she had an insulin pump at all.

There were awards on the evening too for various volunteer groups and for individuals to celebrate their commitment to charity work and diabetes. With a beautiful hummingbird award given to special individual performances, awarded by Joe Cuff the Diabetes UK Cymru fundraising co-ordinator. And also the party organiser, and what a fantastic job he did too bringing everyone together for such a lovely evening of fun, laughter and socialising. But most of all an evening of celebrating the wonderful work of volunteers.


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