Glasgow Commonwealth Games Baton Relay - Part 2

In my last blog about international inspiration towards friendship I briefly mentioned that the Queen's baton relay had begun. And about how there are things that go on aside from the Games, that ensure that memories are made that last a lifetime. New friends are made and everyone feels included in what's going on. The relay baton is part of this experience that through being works its way around the country making everyone feel included in the event.

For those people that aren't up on their athletics knowledge, the relay baton is the device that is used in the 4 x 100m relay runs and 4 x 400m. The first runner starts with the baton in their hand and passes it onto the next runner at the end of their relay leg. The aim of the relay is to pass the baton along to each runner without dropping it or stepping outside of the lines on the track. It's a favourite event amongst athletes because normally we compete in an individual basis just worrying about our own individual race. But the relay allows up to four athletes from any discipline to run together as a a team, in order to win as a team. The relays are always the last event to so people tend to give it their all.

Unlike the Queen's baton relay for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, whilst I'm sure people will give it their best. However, more like the Olympic Torch relay this relay begins at the start of the big event as an introduction to the big event. In order to get everyone excited and up and ready to support the athletes in the Games themselves. This baton relay is a symbol of all of the commonwealth nations coming together every four years in sport and culture. This is the XXth Commonwealth Games that will occur and in celebration of this the relay baton will travel around 70 nations and territories over a staggering distance of 190,000 kilometre's. It will take in over a third of the world's population and as such will be the world's most inclusive relay.

On the 9th October the Queen launched the baton relay from Buckingham Palace, by putting a message into the baton that would start the symbol on its journey around the world. The baton will be relayed by thousands of nominee's throughout the globe, each one honoured by their home nation. The baton will take in each country in the commonwealths including the bridge at Sydney harbour to the rocky lands of Canada. The finish line of the relay is at this games' host nation in Glasgow, Scotland. And it's hear that the Queen will read her message aloud to the commonwealth nation's once the games begin.

When the baton reaches the UK and does its tour before the Queen reads its message it will make its way throughout Scotland. Where the number four seems to be synonymous with the baton routine. There will be 4,000 baton bearer's in Scotland, travelling a distance of 4,000 km over 40 days taking in 400 town's, city's and village's. So that the whole of Scotland and the whole world will feel part of one of the greatest sporting events in the world.


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