Russian Torch Relay - Sochi Winter Games 2014

The Olympic flame has officially ended it's tour around Greece, and has now been handed over to it's Russian keeper's to continue it's journey towards the start of the Winter Olympic Games.

For those of you who have visited this site before, you'll know that the Olympic flame is something that I hold close to my heart. As I was a torchbearer myself at the London 2012 Olympic Summer Games, I have a real appreciation for the spirit of the games and the message that the torch carries. Lighting the way towards brighter futures for its athletes and displaying that sport is something that can be available to all.

The Sochi Games in Russia will be the 22nd Winter Olympics to be held since the beginning's of the event. Reports say that this will also be the longest Olympic Games torch relay in history and that the torches themselves are having their finishing touches put to them in Serbia. The torch itself resembles an ultra-modern version of my own in a sleek design. But this time in silver, opposed to mine in gold.

Background of the Torch

The colour of the torch was inspired by the colour red- the traditional colour for Russian sport. And the torch itself was based on the contrasts of Russia as a nation. It combines motif's of Russian folklore with ideas of innovation and Russian technological breakthrough's. The shape of the torch is said to be derived from the 'magic bird' a folk concept that stands for good fortune and happiness. It's pattern is something that would be considered familiar to all Russian's from childhood. From the stories that they heard as children about the 'red bird' also known as the phoenix, that rose from the ashes.

Similarly to the design of the Olympic torch that I carried, the flame holder has been designed with conditions that it will face all throughout Russia in mind. From the cold temperatures to the windy and icy gales that could be raining down on the relay runner's. The body of the torch is made from aluminium materials and the other colours on the base include a silver and matte finish. That give great emphasis to the red colouring at the top of the torch. The details of the games and the year have all been engraved in the side of the torch. Which will be lovely for those carrying the torch being able to keep it, as it will be a reminder of one of the most amazing days of their lives.

When people hold my Olympic torch their always surprised at how heavy the torch is. I was really surprised myself regarding the weight. And I remember that on my actual Olympic Torch run, I had to keep swapping hands because it was top heavy and I was scared of the torch toppling and the flame going out. Of course it never did, but you still worry. The Sochi Olympic Games torch weighs 1.8kg and is just under 1metre tall. The weight and centre of gravity were calculated so as to make the torch easier for the runner's to move with.

Torch Route

The Russian Olympic torch will be travelling all around the country stopping at 132 different destinations. Taking in the major cities including Moscow, St Petersburg and of course Sochi as it's final destination, considered to be the resort capital of the country. After Sochi won the bid with IOC to host the Games a big rejuvenation of the area began to turn it from beach resort and holiday destination to host nation for the Winter Olympic Games.

There are a total of 14,000 torch bearer's carrying the flame around Russia, that's 4,000 more people than the London Games. But each one will have an amazing experience of a lifetime that they won't forget. The torch is a great opportunity for the whole country to get behind and feel part of the Games, which I'm sure will be an awesome feat of human effort and sporting excellence as the London Olympic Games were for us.

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