1 Day To Go Until World Diabetes Day! Don't Forget To Wear It Blue

We are only hours away from world diabetes day tomorrow - November 14th 2013 and if you haven't got anything planned to celebrate the day, but you still want to do something... here's an idea for you. Wear It Blue!

As World Diabetes Day falls on a Thursday this year some people may be in work or school with it being mid-week. But there is still something that you can do to be involved in the big campaign. You can choose to wear something blue, as blue is the colour that unites many of the world's diabetes associations. And the more of us that do this, then the more of us that are showing our support and spreading the message of diabetes on the big day.

Wear It Blue at Work

For ladies a blue top or a blue dress could not only match the season but help promote diabetes awareness at the same time! A blue hand bag would go well with almost any outfit or even some blue shoes! These are great ideas for if you work in an office and the dress code is a little more strict. However, if you work in a place where the dress code is a lot more relaxed you could wear jeans. And of course here is an item of clothing that would be suitable for both men and women and fits in with the blue theme.

But for gentlemen wanting to wear blue for world diabetes day theres the blue shirt and or suit option if you want to go bold. Or there's the blue tie option for those not feeling so brave! Finished with a nice circular world diabetes tie pin to complete the look.

Wear It Blue in School

School can be a tricky place for wearing an outfit of your own choice. When I was in school my uniform was quite strict. So the only thing I would have had any choice over was what I wore in my hair. So if you're allowed perhaps you can wear a blue hair slide or blue hair bobbles to show your support for world diabetes day. And then change into your full on blue outfit when you get home.

Have a great World Diabetes Day however you wear it blue and don't forget to visit the blue circle diabetes website tomorrow!


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