World Diabetes Day Is Here! November 14th 2013

The day that celebrates, supports and raises awareness for all things diabetes is finally here! It's world diabetes day!

All over the world people will be waking up, putting their blue outfits on and hopefully getting ready to hold events, attend blue themed back off's or be eagerly anticipating the evening where their local or national monuments will be lit up blue for the big day.

As promised for the last few months myself and Mike a fellow member of the young person project group for diabetes in Wales, have been working on a website. The aim of the website is for it to provide support for young people with the condition, provide information on those seeking out knowledge on diabetes and to provide a place where people can find that having diabetes can be fun because of the people you meet and the experiences you share.

Thank you for your patience in this, and finally the day has come where the website is ready. So please lend us your support in visiting the site at: 

If you'd like to get in touch and feedback on the website we'd love to hear from you, so please click the contact page and find use a method that suits you.


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