Planning Your Christmas Break Adventures and Help Your Diabetes In The Process

It has always been my experience that my diabetes loves exercise because it helps lower my blood sugars, makes my insulin uptake more effective, makes me feel healthier and it also helps me manage my weight. And in my family it's always been a tradition in my family to plan a walk for boxing day and new years day ...

The walk is always an opportunity to whilst spending time with family burn off some of the excess food from the previous day and to get some fresh air after spending the day in the house too. There are some great places to choose to walk around where I live, many of which are completely free of charge and are friendly to those who wish to walk a little or wish to walk a lot. For those who want the fresh air but don't want to walk for miles- the local park is always a winner if you don't mind negotiating your way through the little ones out learning how to ride on their new bikes or speeding around on their new skates from santa. It also has the added benefit of having benches at regular intervals for those who like to take regular breaks.

For people who are more adventurous a nature trail could be a good couple of hours out of the house. Where I live in Wales there is a fantastic trail that runs from the south of the country, to part of the way up to mid Wales that takes you through leafy passage ways and forest trails that the country has to offer. Although my advice would be to check the weather conditions before heading out along the river bit of the path as rain is due this Christmas opposed to the white Christmas we all enjoy seeing! There are lots of little children in my family so I think we'll be heading out to the local bay area for our walk as it boasts great views, play areas and tasty ice cream treats for them too!

Whichever option you choose don't forget to do a blood test before heading out and to take the essentials with you. My essential walking pack includes my diabetes kit, a source of sugar in the form of glucose tabs or an energy drink, a mobile phone in case of getting a bit too adventurous (lost) and of course on my feet I'll be wearing my Protect it socks that are perfect for an occasion such as this. As I've mentioned previously I wear them for my training sessions at the athletics track too, but the benefits such as the comfortable and soft sole and the moisture wicking properties are great for long walks. And because of the intelligent technology that goes into the Protect it socks, they also keep your toes warm when you first put them on as there's nothing worse than feeling cold when trying to have a relaxing walk.

Hopefully santa will be kind to you this year and pop a pair of Protect it socks into your stocking! But if his elves have forgotten to give you some don't forget that you can get them online, and what a great investment with the weather about to turn colder in the new year too. And if the winter walk doesn't grab you as your boxing day activity then their the perfect accompaniment for putting your feet up in front of the TV too!


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