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 Sometimes because I’ve been doing athletics for so long, I can tend to forget what it’s like to be just starting off running. The excitement and the freedom of getting home after work and deciding to head out and pound the pavements or conquer the green of your local park. I used to love the feeling when every training session was a new discovery. Although I still love training now and seeing how far I can push my limits to achieve a new personal best.

You take it for granted how much you learn along the way too. My work colleague has just started running and is training for a half marathon. So although carb loading isn’t such a big part of sprinting, we have been talking about carbohydrate loading and how best to recover after training. When there’s someone to save you the trouble of having to learn these things for yourself it makes all the difference.

One of the other things I passed on my knowledge about were my Protect it socks. Socks and appropriate footwear is something that so many people over-look, I used to be amazed at the amount of people that I’d meet in my previous employment that would be a few days out from running their first marathon. And they would want to change their running shoes, a terrible idea and one that often results in discomfort at best and a stress fracture at the very worst.

But one thing you can change before your race is your socks, don’t get me wrong however. The earlier on in the training that you can make the change the better. However, changing your socks before your race especially to Protect it ones would be doing your feet a great kindness. Especially if you plan to run a marathon, chances are that your heels and the balls of your feet will have experienced some amount of blistering through training alone. Protect it socks are thick enough to give you a protective layer between your foot and shoe to prevent blistering during the race. They’re thick enough to give a good amount of cushioning underfoot for when you’re pounding the pavements. As the weather starts to get warmer you’ll be needing a sock that can absorb the moisture to continually allow your foot to feel comfortable, when the sweat is wicked into the upper layer and dispersed into the air.


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