Behind the Scenes at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014

There has been a lot in the press of late about the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, about the Queen's Baton Relay, the opening ceremony and the start of the competition at the games. The excitement surrounding medal hopes and podium prospects has built and built. Having been two watch two Olympic Games' and Manchester Commonwealth Games myself, I know that the atmosphere is bound to be electric! Unfortunately some but by no means all of the press surrounding Wales and the games has not been so positive. Despite having trained with the athletes in question and having known them for a number of years, I don't plan to pass judgement or comment on the situation. Except to say that they are two of the hardest working athletes I've ever had the pleasure to train/ race with, and that everyone deserves the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

I also know that whilst they're going through this difficult time, they wouldn't wish the focus to be taken away from the rest of the Welsh Athletics squad and their sporting performance at Glasgow 2014. So with much thanks to Team Wales relay squad member Lucy Evans and Olympic Discus Thrower Brett Morse, I'd like to share with you some of the positivity that's going on around the athletes village in pictures! Athletics starts tomorrow on the Commonwealth Games program so please be sure to support team Wales as they go out for gold! Good Luck to everyone that is out there representing young people and sport, I know you'll do us proud as a nation.

Team Wales arriving at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

Team Wales Women's Relay Squad

Team Wales meets Team USA and Maurice Green

Behind the Scenes in the Athlete's Training Track

With many thanks to Lucy Evans and Brett Morse for allowing me to use their photographs from behind the scenes and life in the athlete's village at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.


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