Merci Beaucoup Tesco Fundraisers For Your Tour de Tesco!

I’ve said it before but I’ll happily say it again, it’s been so touching the way that supermarket retailer Tesco has taken on Diabetes UK as their charity partner. But not only that, the way that the Tesco staff have really gotten behind the spirit of fundraising for the charity, and raising awareness about diabetes. This weekend was no exception!

I’d seen the advertisement for Tour de Tesco on Facebook from a Diabetes UK post last week, and it just so happens that I needed to do some food shopping too. So we headed down to our local Tesco Extra to show our support this weekend, where we were met in the doorway by a French looking man on a static bicycle. I’m not sure what time he’d started, but he was cycling with all of the enthusiasm of a man on a fundraising mission! He was also surrounded by other staff dressed up in ‘French’ costume, who were collecting spare change for the great cause. The idea of the event was for Tesco staff, dressed up in berets and on occasion French moustaches, to take it in turns to cycle from Britain to Paris. Taking it in turns to cover the mileage on a static exercise bike.

After making my donation and having a chat with the fundraisers, I made my way into the rest of the store to do my shopping. Everywhere we went there were men and women of all ages working for Tesco, sporting this season’s must have accessory- the Diabetes UK smurf hat, with the troll-like blue hair. There were so many people wearing them that as I mentioned, it was easy to see how many Tesco staff had adopted the challenge of raising money for the charity. There seemed to be plenty of enthusiastic shoppers making donations too. So fingers crossed all of that energy was put to good use for Diabetes UK and reaching their fundraising total!

Don’t forget that if you missed the Tour de Tesco this weekend, the charity collection boxes are usually out on the Tesco till points at your local store!


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