Why Should You #ShowMeYourPump?

Have you witnessed the phenomenon on social media and in the press that is #ShowMeYourPump? If you haven’t it’s a great example of having an insulin pump and showing the world that you’re unafraid to show it off! Despite in this instance being a beauty competition entrant, and being judged by the way you look.

Whether you believe in the idea of beauty pageants or not what this young woman has done is brilliant. Sierra Sanderson who hails from her native state of Idaho in America, put her insulin pump on show during the swimwear section of the Miss Idaho beauty competition. Proudly hooking it to her bikini bottoms she wore the pump with pride and the picture has gone viral! So many insulin pumpers have been inspired by the idea of showing your insulin pump off proudly, that using the hashtag #showmeyourpump, they have tweeted Sierra and others pictures of themselves wearing their own pump with pride. Me included! As you’ll be able to see below on my Instagram feed.

Sierra was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes just two years ago, admitting in interviews that the diagnosis turned her world upside down. Going on to win the title of Miss Idaho, Sierra shared her thoughts that ‘it was scary enough heading out on stage in a swimsuit let alone with an insulin pump too’. To help put it in perspective for people without diabetes or even an insulin pump to imagine. Insulin pumps are a small mobile phone sized device, that's worn by people with type 1 diabetes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that administers insulin to the body as it has stopped producing its own insulin from the pancreas. We're connected to the device via a needle and a plastic tube. Although many people I’ve spoken to who have a pump say that they would never want to go back onto injections, myself included, they do say what an initial shock it is to suddenly be connected to a machine all of the time.

With injections although you look like someone with diabetes whilst you’re injecting, you put the injection away and no one can tell you have the condition. But wearing an insulin pump outside your clothes invites sometimes unwelcome questions and attention and it can, initially for me anyway, act as a reminder that something’s wrong with your body/ pancreas. But having gotten used to the pump now and seeing stories such as Sierra’s doesn’t make me want to hide, but to show it off. As I know I’m very fortunate to have a pump and it’s helped turn around my diabetes management too. So #ShowMeYourPump (/injections/ blood testing kit for those without a pump) and wear it with pride!

My #showmeyourpump selfie!


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