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This morning began for me at 4:30am and it was a nervous start too, I was up that early for my next newspaper article review on BBC Wales Radio. It's something that I always feel nervous for, but this time I was doubly nervous, because I would be participating in double the shows!

Arriving at the BBC studios at 5:30am I got stuck straight into finding some great stories to review for the first of the shows. Although I wasn't able to find any good stories on diabetes, there were plenty on up coming sporting events and other exciting topics such as health and technology. The first story I chose was on one of the front pages, about some GP's admitting to giving out prescriptions of antibiotics to patients, that they know won't help treat the illness. But that will get the patient out of their surgery sooner. This is a topic particularly close to my heart and that I will write about in full detail soon, because I believe my GP surgery has been removing items from my prescription to save money.

The second and third stories I chose to talk about were more social media and technology based- the first was one that made me laugh, about a Mum in America that has created a mobile app. She was inspired when her teenage daughter stopped returning her phone calls when she was out of the house. The app is designed to freeze the phone, until the child returns the parent's phone calls. The final story of the first part of my reviews, was on the new social media sensation that's gone viral across Facebook pages near you- The Ice Bucket Challenge. This challenge involves people nominating each other to donate money to charity to throw buckets of ice cold water over themselves, to raise funds for motor neurone disease.

With one show down my nerves started to settle and I started to wake up a little more too, so I started sifting through the morning's papers in preparation for my second and final show. The first story was quite a serious one and one that I was unfortunate enough to experience first hand last week, when I was admitted to A & E- drunken behaviour in hospitals (I was not drunk). But more on that in my next few blogs, but I warn you- it's the stuff of Jeremy Kyle and then some! Next I spoke about the Prime Minister's drive to put age certificates onto You-Tube videos. Then, after having had the pleasure of training with some of Wales' most talented Paralympic athletes, I felt it only proper to devote some time to talking about the IPC European Championships being held in Swansea at the moment. Which led into the very topical debate as to whether the Commonwealth Games were a good or a bad thing for Para sport.

Nerves forgotten it was a really enjoyable experience, as it always is and one I'm very grateful for the opportunity of doing. The double newspaper review today was an excellent new challenge and one I can't wait to experience again! If you missed the show this morning with Huw Thomas and Felicity Evans, you can listen again here!


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