Behind The Scenes at The IPC European Athletics Championships Swansea

When doing the newspaper review on BBC Radio Wales on Tuesday, one of the stories that I decided to talk about was the International Paralympic Committee's European Athletics Championships 2014, which were about to begin in Swansea. Although I didn't get chance to talk about it in great detail on the radio, it's an event that I was really keen to promote and get people to attend, because of the amazing experience that I had myself whilst watching disability sport at the London 2012 Paralympic Games a few years back.

My partner and I managed to get a few sets of tickets for different events for the Paralympic Games, so it really allowed us to enjoy a wealth of the great sporting performances on offer. From the amazing feats achieved in the track and field, to the weight lifting, table tennis and the perhaps aptly names 'murder ball' (wheelchair rugby). We'd been to see the able bodied Olympics as well, so were able to see how both events were great, but in their own ways. By which I mean that whilst the Olympics were really exciting to watch, the Paralympic performances were both totally exciting and truly moving, because there were stories behind every competitor and win or lose they'd won in my book for being there. And although not a disability athlete myself, I can understand in one way with regards to the diabetes, about having something that could hold you back, but not if you let it.

So with this I believe that there is so much that you can learn by being involved in sport, or going along to support, especially in athletics (although I may be a little biased). One of the brilliant coaches at my athletics club in Cardiff- Tim, took this thought one further, and decided to volunteer at the IPC European Athletics Championships in Swansea. Over the last few days I've really enjoyed seeing his photographs shared on social media from behind the scenes of the event, and he has very kindly agreed that I can share them with you. Tim's role was integral to the success of the championships, as is every other volunteer that has kindly given up their time and energy to ensure the championships happen. So here are some of his photographs, enjoy! (There's still some more athletics left, so if you can't make it down to Swansea, be sure to catch the coverage on TV!)

Stars of the Opening Ceremony

Athletes Entering the Stadium (Greece)
Athletes in Action

Athletes at the Start

Tim (left) with Ade Adepitan  (middle) and Jonathan Edwards (right)
With many Thanks to Tim Fry for allowing me to share his photographs and for sharing his experience of the championships!


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