Happy New Year, Here's to 2015!

Above is a photo collage of some of the many highlights for me, from 2014 which has been a fantastic year. My highlights included working with Diabetes UK on numerous volunteering opportunities including the South Wales family days for children with diabetes and their parents. Working with other young people and volunteers to create resources such as Type 1 Uncut - a series of videos on a designated diabetes channel on all things from being newly diagnosed to participating in sport with the condition. I was fortunate enough to be amongst the first people to trial the Freestyle Libre System- a way to get glucose level results without blood, by scanning a sensor.

I've enjoyed giving presentations for people with diabetes in the UK and in Poland and turning my hand at other types of communication such as interviewing on TV and speaking on the radio for the BBC. It was a great experience speaking to people without diabetes on behalf of the National Assembly for Wales during Black History month about how I've overcome the hurdles that have been set in my way with the condition and how I've gotten over them. And of course one of the greatest highlights and not just for 2014, is getting engaged! What a fantastic year and I'm grateful to all of those who were involved. I think if I was to decide on having a New Year's resolution, it would be to further the work I'm doing. Raising awareness of diabetes, enjoying my sport and motivating and empowering others to get involved.


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