Pull Up Your Socks and Let's Get Running!

I don't know how far I go in for all of that 'new year new you attitude', but what I do believe in is positive motivation and achieving realistic goals. Which means the upcoming changing year is still a great opportunity to set the wheels in motion for change. Sometimes it can be easy to accept that things aren't going the way we might like with blood sugar levels, that our diet isn't quite what it should be or that we could be doing more blood glucose tests during the day as people with diabetes. But why accept it? Why not use 2015 as a starting point or a springboard towards change?

January is often a time when gyms relinquish their joining and admin fees in the hope of gaining new members, so it's a great time to sign up and start getting fit! And although there have been a few flurries of snow in different parts of the country, some locations have been left untouched and it's not that cold for December, so why not get out and get walking to help get active. My experience has been that regular exercise can mean lower blood glucose results, reduced insulin requirements and a greater feeling of health and well being. Not to mention all of the benefits such as body confidence that happen when you don't even have diabetes!

Recently I watched a really good TV program from the BBC called 'Trust Me I'm a Doctor'. If you haven't seen it, the concept of the program is that a team of doctors and medical journalists take the health related headlines in the press and conduct their own research so as to better inform us whether there is any truth in them or whether the stories are just sensationalised nonsense. But the particular episode I wanted to mention was about whether everyday people who don't go to the gym or participate in other forms of sport, could achieve the average recommended amount of exercise, through doing domestic activities such as hoovering or gardening. The program got volunteers of all different ages to wear exercise monitors, to participate in domestic activities to discover whether they could reach their target. The results showed that you can still be active to the equivalent of the average person's recommended amount of exercise, indeed doing domestic activities. Which shows that there are numerous different activity choices out there and ways to be active.

This new year, which ever type of exercise you choose, when doing it in Protect it socks you're on to a winner! The socks are so versatile that whether you're new to taking up running, going to the gym or getting started on being active, they're versatile enough to suit a number of different activities, which makes them good value for money too. The socks are made without seams so even during more extreme activity, there are no seams to rub the foot area, which is one of the many reasons why the socks are so good for people with diabetes as well. As we're so much more susceptible to foot complaints and nerve damage that we do have to take care with our feet. Protect it socks are also clever in the way that they keep my feet warm when I first put them on, as I really struggle with cold feet. Then when I participate in my sport, the moisture wicking technology allow my feet to stay cool and dry, allowing me to concentrate on performance.


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