The Battle for Number 10, on BBC Radio Wales

If you've been living under a rock in the UK or just aren't interested in politics then you might not know that in a few weeks time we'll be voting to elect a new Prime Minister in the May elections. I wouldn't consider myself to be a political activist, however I do think of myself as someone with a keen interest in the decisions that are made and that shape our country and our everyday lives. Yesterday I got a call from BBC Radio Wales to ask if firstly I would be watching the program that went out last night on Channel 4 which was a question and answer session with current Prime Minister David Cameron and ministerial hopeful Ed Miliband. Also whether I would like to go onto the Good Morning Wales programme, this morning to share my views, which I did.

Just as a brief summary in case you didn't catch the programme last night- David Cameron was up first to be questioned by interviewer Jeremy Paxman, followed by answering some questions from the studio audience. When he could get a word in between the interviewer's constant flurry of questions, I thought Conservative party Cameron came across well and sounded like he had some solid plans for the country, should he be re-elected for another term in office. Regarding the audience, I thought the Prime Minister had a good rapport with those who asked questions. On the other hand there were some worrying statistics that came up within this part of the interviews, including that food banks have opened in their hundreds in the UK under this government with just shy of 1 million people using them. One of the audience members also asked about NHS privatisation and I was underwhelmed by Cameron's response that the NHS should be run like a business. Whilst I understand what he means by that statement, I just hope that he's mindful of the care aspect of the organisation too. When it came to his turn I thought Ed Miliband came across quite personably to the audience and viewers at home, and I think that this aspect was a definite benefit to the Q and A opposed to debating style of the programme. Unfortunately Miliband's questions were overshadowed by personal comments and questions, perhaps aimed to unseat him. I also thought Ed tried to focus on the young in his comments, however I don't think as things stand that the Labour party have enough policies that will actually benefit us.

I was on BBC Radio Wales today with a gentleman called Peter who was 87 years old and had voted in every general election for the past 65 years. We had a little time to chat before going live on air and it was fascinating to hear Peter's point of view on politics today. He too felt that the young weren't getting the best of the situation, but that it would soon be in this generation's hands to fix the problems that some of his generation may have created. It was interesting to hear his opinion on the things that he had seen begin and come to fruition. For example, the second world war, the putting up and breaking down of the Berlin wall and Germany's position within Europe at the moment.

Today's presenters were Gareth and Louise, who asked some really insightful questions to myself and Peter which enabled us to express our opinions on what we thought of last night's show. And for me, this illustrates one of the core points regarding voting, in that we do all have different views and different perspectives and if we don't all vote, then how we will express those opinions within society. Each person's opinion is valid and each comes from a very different place and I think anyone who thinks that politics and voting don't effect them are naive because we all pay taxes, the vast majority of us (especially those with diabetes) visit A and E and the NHS when we're unwell or hurt and unfortunately we're all paying into the pot to reduce the deficit in some way to help the country to thrive again. So now we wait with bated breath for the outcome of the elections in May when I'll be voting for my future and the future of the country I enjoy living in.


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