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This morning I had the pleasure of being invited on to BBC Radio Wales' - Good Morning Wales radio show. It was a really good experience and required quite the early start, as I arrived at the studio at 5:50am! The shows that I would be doing the paper review on, went on air at 6:40am and 7:40am, so as soon as I arrived I got to looking at the papers to pick out my top stories of the day.

By an amazing coincidence I came across a story in the Western Mail, a local Welsh paper. That had an article about a new study that had been released, about the increased likeliness of children with diabetes being admitted to hospital, in comparison to children living without the condition in Wales. But the coincidence was that the study had been pioneered by my very first diabetes consultant from paediatric diabetes clinic. So it was great to have the opportunity to briefly talk about what it was like in my own experience to grow up with diabetes.

The other stories that I came across in the newspapers included new research into the rise of people suffering with allergies and a new study about the development of a new drug that would be able to block all of the symptoms of an allergy, be it hay fever or gluten intolerance. There was also a really comical article about the fitness of the party political leaders up for election in the local elections... And by fitness I mean their literal fitness, as this article took a look at the sport that each party leader was into, and gave them a ranking out of 10. There was an interesting story on vitamin D and how the lack of the vitamin in people's diets is linked to diabetes and various cancers. With the debate raging as to whether supplementation in water or milk is the next step to help prevent the increasing cases of rickets disease as documented by the Lancet. I had a really interesting time in the studio and the response on Twitter about the diabetes story was really inspiring and I hope to have the opportunity to do another newspaper review again soon.


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