Diabetes and Depression- Opportunity to Participate in a Study

Diabetes and depression is sometimes the unvoiced concern, related to living with a condition such as type on. I've heard it said that people with the condition are three times more likely to suffer from depression at some point in their lives. But the statement always seems to stop there, as if nobody knows why diabetes and depression are so closely related. I've always considered it an important issue to talk about and I think that support, from loved ones and other people with diabetes is positive action to try and keep depression from the door as it were. Which is one of the main reasons that I started Blue Circle Diabetes Support group.

I noticed that a lot of people I knew with diabetes struggled with the psychological side of the condition, I struggled myself especially when I first went onto my insulin pump. As there seems to be very little support available to manage the psychological side of the condition, and focus appears to be on the physical treatment with type 1 diabetes. But at every Blue Circle meeting, I see diabetes support in action and witness the difference it can make to the wellbeing of people with diabetes of all different ages. That's why I was really pleased to be contacted the other day by a researcher from the University of Liverpool who wanted to tell me about a new study that is being conducted on the subject of diabetes and depression. She noted that the purpose of the study was to "help diabetes patients in terms of reducing vulnerability to depression by modifying metacognitive beliefs and examining how feasible it would be to introduce metacognitive therapy in replacement of traditional cognitive therapies"and asked me if I would be able communicate the opportunity to participate in the study to the people that read my blog. It's my opinion that in order to learn more about why diabetes and depression are so closely linked, research has to be conducted to help us learn more about it.

If this is something that you think you might be interested in, the details of the study can be found below and the link to do so is available here: https://livpsych.az1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_0vVgdqcNYtl58cR
The University of Liverpool is looking to recruit 250 people for the study by August 2015 and further details of the study can be found below.

Institution: Institute of Psychology, Health and Society

University of Liverpool

Research funded by University of Liverpool

Who can and cannot take part

We wish to include adults (aged 18 or over) who have been diagnosed with either Type 1 or Type 2

diabetes. As someone who uses this site your viewpoint is very important to us.

What is the research about?

The University is carrying out a research project to help understand more about diabetes perceptions and depression. We are interested in understanding how people with diabetes understand the nature of
depression. This means that we are inviting anyone with a diagnosis of diabetes to complete a set of
questionnaires that ask about the nature of depression and about the beliefs people have about the causes of depression. We anticipate that people will have different experiences of depression. It is possible that some people will currently have symptoms of depression, or have had symptoms of depression in the past, whereas others will never have experienced symptom of depression. It is important to include people with different experiences so we can build a more complete picture of the nature of depression and the beliefs that people hold about the psychological aspects of depression.

The invitation to take part in the study does not mean that we think you are having problems with
depression or are finding it hard to cope. We are inviting people regardless of how they feel at the moment.

How will the research benefit people with diabetes?

The researchers hope to identify the underlying causes and risk factors associated with the development of depressive symptoms. In future, this knowledge may assist the development of new therapeutic approaches for depression in diabetes.

What will taking part in the research involve for participants?

Participants will need to fill out five online questionnaires which will take approximately 20 minutes, and agree to leave contact details in order to be questioned again at a later date.

What are the risks involved in taking part?

There is a minimal risk that participants will find the subject matter distressing. Participants will be asked to refrain from participating if they find the subject matter sensitive. They will be told of their right to withdraw at any time.

Is there any compensation for taking part?

Participants will not directly benefit from participation in this study. However knowledge gained will help to better understand symptoms of depression in diabetes which may lead to new interventions.


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