BBC X-Ray - Diabetic Chocolate Update

A fortnight ago I blogged about my experience of filming with BBC Wales in Brecon for the programme X-Ray where they would be further investigating the topic of whether diabetic chocolate is an egg-cellent idea this idea or whether you'd need to be hopping mad to want to eat the stuff.

The programme was shown on TV on Monday 30th March and was a really enjoyable watch as my piece was followed by an interview from Dai Williams, the Director of the charity Diabetes UK Cymru. He spoke about the scientific value, or lack there of that diabetic chocolate has to people with the condition. Dai mentioned that was causes the ill-effects when diabetic chocolate is consumed are the polyols which are the sweeteners used to add taste to the products.

X-Ray interviewed both Boots and Thorntons food manufactures who took the time to explain their decisions behind why their products were labelled as 'diabetic', to the programme. There was a very positive outcome from Thorntons who agreed that from next year, they would no longer use the word diabetic in their food labeling. I think this is a great outcome because it's the label of diabetic that causes a lot of problems as in my experience relatives have specifically bought the chocolate based on this particular label.

So thanks go to the BBC's X-Ray program for taking up the gauntlet of the tricky issue that is diabetic chocolate and to Diabetes UK for channeling the issues of people with diabetes. If you missed the show and still want to watch it, it's available on BBC i-player now.


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