Happy Nurses Day!

Since being diagnosed with diabetes 14 years ago and before then too, I've always had a great appreciation for the job that nurses do. Whilst I was on the radio the other day, speaking about the study published talking about the increased hospital admissions for children with diabetes in Wales. I spoke about the way in which that I believe diabetes nurses have the ability to bridge the gap between patients and consultants. They're the ones we ring when we're ever unsure about something, or have a question to ask. My first diabetes nurses in children's clinic were the ones who set me on my diabetes path. I always remember them telling me that diabetes didn't need to be a barrier to anything that I wanted to achieve, whether it was success in sport or fitting in with school. Their support was invaluable in getting me to where I am now.

Having been in the wars recently, I've also really appreciated the care and support of the nursing staff at the A and E departments I've had to visit. Last night I had to go to my local A and E department because my wounds were weeping and didn't seem to be drying out like they should be. When we arrived, the department was packed and the lady on reception said that we were in for a long wait. But due to the kindness of the nursing staff, I was triaged again quickly and treatment by a really friendly nurse who made me feel at ease, despite the painful job she had to do of cleaning my wounds out. The nurse that treated me and the other nurses in attendance at the hospital had a lovely rapport with each other too, which meant that the atmosphere in the hospital was made to be less frightening and a more friendly one.


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