Reaching New Heights In The Battle Against Diabetes

It was my Dad's choice to select our camera club destination this Thursday afternoon, so he chose a scenic walk down the river, following the Taff Trail until we reached Cardiff Castle. The Castle was always one of the more popular school trips when I used to visit as a child. Mostly because of the great stories and history hidden within the great castle walls. But now with the increasing popularity of medieval television shows such as Game of Thrones, there were teams of people who had flocked to see the castle and its grounds.

Cardiff Castle

Our walk along the Taff Trail took in the winding river until the current picked up at the bridge, where it dropped and led towards the Millennium Stadium. Surrounded by flower gardens and fields on the other side to the river, you completely forget that you're doing exercise and are distracted taking it all in. I also forgot that I was wearing my Protect iT socks, because they kept my feet so cool and cushioned on the warm June day whilst out walking. The socks have padding on the sole of the sock, which meant that I was able to avoid blisters, despite the fact that we'd walked over 10 miles during the day. The Protect iT socks were also seamless, so there was no rubbing or chaffing. Which can so often occur when your feet naturally swell inside your shoe as a result of warmer temperatures. And after all, when you're going on an adventure who knows how long you'll be walking for, so you've got to be prepared!

The River Taff Trail Walk

When we arrived at Cardiff Castle we conquered (walked) across the drawbridge and took in the sprawling castle grounds. But we knew where we wanted to explore first- the moat and keep. As you can see from the picture, it was quite the climb and although I'd consider myself fit. The combination of that and the warm weather, gave me that familiar feeling when we reached the top of the castle. My heart had started racing, my body felt like it was overheating and my body was feeling trembly, which meant that I had started having a hypo! What a time to have one, the views across the city were dizzying enough as it was without low blood sugars. Luckily I had come prepared, so I was able to treat the hypo and safely make the descent back to the castle grounds. But it was easily one of the strangest places that I've ever experienced a hypo that's fore sure.

The View From The Top Of The Castle


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