Getting Active in Italy With My Protect It Socks

Recently I went on holiday to Italy and it was one of the best that I've ever had because we managed to see and do so many things, in a relatively short amount of time. It was my first real holiday being gluten-free too, which meant my blood sugars were really good whilst we were there, enabling me to participate in lots of different activities. From climbing mountains like La Rocca and Malcesine, to discovering the cobbled streets of some of Italy's most famous cities. One of the things that enabled me to enjoy my explorative experiences unhindered, was my footwear choice.

Blood Glucose Testing At The Top Of La Rocca Mountain

We visited Juliet's famous balcony and mausoleum from Shakespeare's play- Romeo and Juliet, located in 'fair' Verona. As we made our way around the small but fascinating city, we took in the many piazzas and long cobbled streets teaming with people. The weather was sweltering hot and we must have walked for miles, but my feet were cool and comfortable in my Protect iT socks, as they regulated the temperature of my feet perfectly. So often when I've been abroad before now, the combination of flying and the heat could cause my feet to swell, but not with my Protect iT socks, and the journey didn't finish there! That same afternoon we climbed La Rocca, the highest peak in the town, overlooking Garda and that was the start of our seriously active holiday.

Juliet's Balcony

The next day we headed to the beautiful destination of Florence, where we started our tour at the top of the city and made our way down by walking through the beautiful rose gardens of Florence, entering through the city gates to the home of the stunning Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral and the Domo. The Domo itself had over 430 steps, which wound through narrow tunnels to the roof overlooking the city, which was no mean feat in 35 degree heat. Another boiling hot day, but with my Protect iT socks on and despite our massive step count, not one single blister in sight thanks to their sole padding and clever technology to let moisture wick away.

Florence Cathedral and Domo

Milan Cathedral was even more breathtaking, in fact it was one of the most beautiful cathedrals I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. It was also unique in that we were actually able to walk along the rooftop of the cathedral in Milan to take in the amazing views. But more about that soon as the photos of the architecture deserve their own blog alone.

Milan Cathedral

Then it was time for the big one, perhaps we should have been lagging by this point in the week, with aching feet. But no, still going strong in my Protect iT socks- that were as comfy on this day as they were on the first of our adventures (I did change them in between). Which was good, because our next adventure was Venice! It was like being on a film set when walking through the close knit streets that were packed with designer shops. I loved sailing along the Grand Canal and some of the 150 waterways in the city. We chose to do a Venice by night tour, which meant we got longer to discover the city, exploring St. Mark's Basilica, Doge's palace and the Realto Bridge. We were completely shattered by the time we took the ferry to return home. But Venice and the rest of the beautiful cities that we discovered in Italy made this trip and exceptional holiday. This was due to the fact that we were able to enjoy the beautiful sights without having to think about taking stops or worrying about what was on my feet, helping me make the most of this fantastic opportunity to explore Italy.

Venetian Gondolas By Night


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