Frills and Photoshoots Part 1

There are so many things to organise when you're planning a wedding, so many traditions to follow and rights of passage to enjoy. It's so important to find the right venue, the right dress and the right photographer to capture the special moments from the wedding. One event which has emerged as a new tradition and has become a big thing within the journey towards getting married is the engagement photoshoot that happens before the big day. Most people have their engagement photoshoot within a year or so of their wedding and ours was booked in with our photographer at Enso Wedding Photography.

We met Enso Wedding Photography, a duo of both a photographer and videographer, at the Big Welsh Wedding Fayre that we attended at Cardiff City back at the start of the year. My partner and I had been to numerous wedding fayres before this one and spoken to numerous different photographers, but like the choosing of the wedding dress- you know when you've found the one. What my partner and I were looking for in a wedding photographer was more than just someone who takes the group photos of the family and guests. We wanted someone who was going to be able to capture the story of the day, in the little moments as well as the big ones. As part of the package that we decided to go for, we had an engagement photoshoot included, that we decided to have done today.

Credits:                     Penarth Pier Now and Then      

The venue we decided to go for was Penarth Pier, a newly renovated piece of well-known Cardiff architecture that was first opened in 1895. The Pier has been through the wars (quite literally) and was rebuilt after a great fire in the 1930's, before being refurbished over the years and becoming what it is today. But for us where ever we go, the beach is somewhere that feels like home to my partner and I, so it was an easy choice of engagement shoot destination to go for. Enso Wedding Photography were very knowledgable about the location, asking us to arrive bright and early so as to miss the crowds. As a result we were so lucky to have the place to ourselves, from the long promenade leading to the end of the pier, to the rolling coastline of the pebble beach.

Part of our thinking for holding our engagement shoot in August was that we might be guaranteed good weather. But whilst the sunshine only made an appearance or two, it wasn't the tropical island dream we hoped it might be. But it didn't matter, because the photoshoot went well and we can't wait to see the results. If you'd like to find out how I decided what to wear for the shoot so as not to have my insulin pump on show, look out for tomorrow's blog!


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