Staying Active During The Off-Season

This might sound like a strange concept; staying active in the season between athletics competitions finishing and winter training starting. But this is actually the secret to having a good season of winter training, because if you sit around and do nothing you lose fitness. Being active is also a great way for people with diabetes such as ourselves to stay fit and healthy. So this off-season I've been doing my best to find different ways to stay active that don't involve running and are fun to do.

After my accident on track and coming back from my achilles injury, the physio suggested low impact exercises to maintain my fitness levels but also to deliver an element of intensity to my work out. Cycling is a really enjoyable activity to have a go at because even if you're new to sport- you can go as fast or as slow as you wish, so it's great for all abilities. It can also help with weight loss and management and is great for blood glucose control. The weather was beautiful this week, so Protect iT socks on I headed out along the Taff Trail in South Wales. I took it easy at first and found myself getting warm beneath the blistering sunshine. But my feet stayed cool in the socks, as they cleverly wick away the moisture from my feet, whilst still providing coverage to prevent blisters from forming.

A few weekend ago I headed out with friends to Bournemouth and took in the beauty and the views of the winding coastal path. We must have walked for miles, sometimes along hilly and rocky terrain too, but again not a blister in sight! I chose to wear the ankle length style Protect iT sock because it was a cooler day and wanted to keep my achilles warm. This meant increased blood flow to the injured area, leaving me pain free and happy to get on with my exercise. It was great getting out and exercising with friends because the time goes quickly and there are other people around to motivate you to keep on going. And walking is another gentle activity that's great for beginners that can be as easy or difficult as you make it. It's also a great way to discover a new place, whilst helping manage your diabetes at the same time!

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