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I have a confession to make, it's a bit of an unusual one. However, I do know that I'm not alone in this, and my confession is that I don't like the taste of water... Strange but true, because as long as I can remember water has always had a minerally taste for me, which has always made me a squash drinker. But the thing about squash is that it comes in these big bulky containers, meaning you have to make and carry your drink wherever you go. And in my experience with diabetes too, squash is often no added sugar but never sugar free, which makes a big difference when you're carb counting for insulin regimen/ control. But I've since come across Stur liquid water enhancers and they could just be a flavoursome answer to tasteless water!

Stur Orange and Mango Flavoured Water Enhancer

The team at Stur Drinks recently sent me a sample of the Orange and Mango flavour to try and it's lasted me ages! Stur comes in handy little 50ml re-sealable bottles that can be used at home or taken with you on the go. Recently I went on a road trip with my friends to the English coast, and the squeezy bottle was so easy to use that I was able to add some Orange and Mango flavour to my bottled water whilst sat in the passenger seat of the car. Which meant I could stay hydrated later on in the day when we were out walking along the cliff top trails. It was easy to share with friends and having Stur with us meant that they could just buy water bottles on the go, and adding flavour to them later as the day went on. As nobody wanted to carry heavy water bottles whilst out having fun!

Hydration On The Go

But what's particularly special about Stur water enhancer is not just that it's made from natural flavourings, contains vitamin C or that it has 0 calories. It's that instead of using traditional sugar, the flavour enhancer contains Stevia. Which is a naturally occurring sweetener derived from plants. So for someone such as myself with diabetes, drinking this meant I didn't see any unwanted spikes in my blood glucose levels after drinking it. And for those with allergies, it's free from gluten, dairy, nuts and caffeine according to the manufacturers. The flavour of the drink itself was pleasant, it wasn't over-powering considering that it's concentrated either. As an athlete I'm always reminding myself to stay hydrated and as someone with diabetes I know how important it is in keeping my blood glucose levels in check. So something that helps all of these things and does it in a flavoursome way is a hit with me!


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