Dungeons, Dragons and Diabetes - Exploring the Dorset Coast on Foot In Protect iT Socks

Before the start of the new Winter athletics season I got the opportunity to get a few days away with my family, whilst staying near the Dorset coast. There was an unbelieveable amount to see and do and enjoy outdoors, whether it was strolling along the Jurassic Coast or trekking up mountains to enjoy the views across the county. It was a really active holiday, which was important because I've recently had treatment on my achilles tendons and they needed to be kept supple and flexible so as to help the recovery process. But whether we were wandering through aquariums or exploring historical ruins I wore my Protect iT socks throughout so as to keep my achilles warm, which in turn helped to give it a greater range of movement and to cope with the activity. Some days we walked for over 6 miles, which is much more than I would normally do (especially being a short distance sprinter). But the socks didn't enable a single blister to form!

Trying out the woodland trek at Corff Castle, Dorset

Doing my best Ninja Warrior impression on the Trail to Corff Castle
One of the best things about wearing Protect iT socks it that they're padded on the sole area, so even when I wasn't walking along the coast, which was quite flat- and I was climbing stairs or negotiating uneven surfaces. The socks stayed in place in my trainers, allowing me to get good grip and push on with my walking. Walking is such a great way of exercising, especially when you have diabetes, be it type 1 or 2 and this is an excellent time of year to enjoy the outdoors. The leaves are changing colour and there's a surprising amount of wildlife to be seen scurrying about whilst preparing their stores for the Winter. Whilst staying in Dorset we saw foxes, rabbits, squirrels, swifts, field mice and lots more woodland creatures. So I encourage you to get out and get active this Autumn!

Exploring the Castle Ruins of Christchurch, Dorset

Storming the battlements (Climbing the steps to the top of the castle)

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