Quality In Care Award Winners For Best Integrated IT/ Digital Applications Initiative 2015

I'm so pleased to announce that a few months ago the #Type1Unuct group was nominated for a Quality in Care award... and we won! But we didn't find out until representatives of the group including myself went to the awards ceremony at Sanofi headquarters last Wednesday. You can see the details of the fabulous evening in the previous blog, but this blog is all about winning the award! Hooray!

Our Quality in Care Award and Certificate
We were nominated in the category for the Best Integrated IT/ Digital Applications Initiative 2015, for Type 1 Uncut, a digital project that we've been working on with Diabetes UK and Nonsense. The project involves us both coming together in person and working together online to write, direct, film and star in films for other people with diabetes. The themes of the films are really varied from type 1 diabetes and sport to type 1 and employment for example, filmed from our point of view.

We were absolutely thrilled to even be nominated for an award because we've gotten so much out of the experience, that was the idea of Chris Headland, the Type 1 uncut/ Diabetes UK leader, in the two years that we've been doing it. That's seen us grow from the original 12 members training in London to what's grown to a team of 42 people.

Chris Headland (Diabetes UK) and Rob and Emily From Nonsense Media Company

So it was an absolute honour to be able represent the group at the Quality in Care awards and to be able to tell even more people about the fabulous things that can happen when people with diabetes come together. If you haven't seen them yet, don't forget to check out our YouTube videos and click subscribe!

Me with the Quality in Care Award


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