Taking Flight In Protect iT Socks At The Airport

This week I was very fortunate, in that I was asked to go and speak at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. More about that in my next blog, as today I wanted to chat about the journey there, which involved more running than I'd anticipated, even for me!

Strasbourg, where the European Parliament is based, is small town located in France. But to get there from South Wales, required a reasonably lengthy journey (not that I'm complaining as it was a phenomenal experience!). My first flight to Amsterdam's Schipol airport got off to a bit of a tricky start when we missed our spot on the runway and took off late. With a short window for transfer time, so came a tap on the shoulder from the flight attendant to tell me that I needed to move fast if I wanted to make my connecting flight.

Little did I know how fast, as the plane touched down at 8:10pm, and my next flight closed for boarding at 7:55pm! But this was the last flight of the night, so I had to try and make it. For those who haven't visited Schipol before, it's one of the biggest airports I've ever visited. There are hundreds of gates and typically mine was over 20 minutes away, which meant that I had to sprint with my luggage, to try and make my flight. I literally just had time to suspend my pump to prevent a hypo and then off I dashed.

Luckily I was wearing my Protect iT socks, so despite not having trainers on, I was still able to sprint down all those long corridors and up and down stairs. I think that if I'd been wearing anything else I'd have missed my connecting flight for having to stop to readjust my socks every few minutes. But the design of Protect iT socks, although seamless for less abrasion, means that they're padded on the sole and more mesh-like and breathable on top and the fit is snug and secure without restriction. When I finally made it to my departure gate I was boiling hot, but not my feet. They were still cool and comfortable thanks to the temperature regulation and moisture wicking properties of the Protect iT socks. So whether flying high or sprinting through airports, they were a great choice of footwear, and also so as they are for so many people with diabetes.

This is a sponsored blog post and I have been sent socks from Protect iT to trial and review.


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