Diabetes Awareness Month RoundUp

It's been an amazing Diabetes Awareness month and I can't believe it's nearly over. But I'm so pleased and grateful for all that's been achieved in the last 30 days to promote diabetes awareness, healthy eating and a positive image of being able to live with the condition. The month has taken me from the UK, to Europe and back with the European Parliament and IDF Europe. I've spoken on the radio and given interviews with JDRF UK on what it's like to live with diabetes on a daily basis. I've supported campaigns aimed at getting other people to engage with diabetes education and worked on viral initiatives to get people into healthy eating and exercise. I've sat on national diabetes councils this awareness month and have even been fortunate enough to take a tour of where insulin is made. It's been brilliant working with diabetes equipment manufacturers and charities such as Diabetes UK and Diabetes UK Cymru. For every experience I'm so grateful, because 14 years ago I was diagnosed with a condition that to put it bluntly should have and could have been the end to my life. But this was the life I was given and I'm doing my very best to help others and make the most of it.


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