My Toe Tec Diabetic Sock Trial

Last week I was fortunate enough to have been invited to feature in a photoshoot for Toe Tec socks, which are a special brand, engineered to meet the needs of people with diabetes and/or hard working feet. As an athlete I know that my feet are the tools of my trade, but not only do I want to look after them in order to be able to train and compete without problems. I want to do my best to reduce my risk of diabetes related foot complications in later life.
Trying Out My Toe Tec Socks

After the photoshoot in which I got the opportunity to get my Olympic torch out again, I was given a full range of Toe Tec socks to try. They come in an extensive range of different and exciting colours, so I had a lot of fun getting to mix and match the different shades in the shoot and in the days since.
My Torch and I Ready For Our Close Up

There are five different styles of Toe Tec socks, from Class half and plush cotton, to a plush Amicor, ribbed and a fine style for women. Many of the sock lengths come in an over the ankle style, which is particularly suitable for me at this time of year, because I like to have my achilles covered when I'm training outdoors on the cold, hard track.

Toe Tec Socks

As for the tech bit about the socks, one of the key benefits is that they are seamlessly constructed. This means that the potential for raw edges or irritable seams has been reduced, which is especially important for people with diabetes because rubbing can lead to wounding, and wounding to infection and from there even on some occasions amputation. There's a reinforced heel, which means that the socks should be hard wearing, and comfortable for wear during long days at work to training and the gym.

The Toe 'Tech' Bit
If you'd like to give them a try, the socks are available here for between £8.50 and £11.00 depending on the style. A great price for a stocking filler!

This is a sponsored blog post, that I have been asked to write on behalf of Toe Tec/ Protect it socks.


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