Keep Up! With My Trial On The Epson 100 Runners Programme!

So I have a theory, or maybe a curiosity is a better description, of what happens to my blood glucose levels and heart rate when exercising. We know that heart rate increases when glucose levels decrease. But we also know that heart rate increases when you start exercising. To what degree and when remains a mystery to me as far as sprinting is concerned. But I hope all that's going to change and that my questions are going to be answered, because I'm thrilled to have been chosen to participate in the Epson 100 Runners Programme!

Wearing the watch for the first time

A few weeks ago I applied to be one of 100 people to trial the new Epson Runsense SF-810 GPS watch. It has an integrated heart rate monitor, that records your pulse from your wrist. Which is incredibly exciting because with sprinting I want to know my heart rate without having to wear a chest strap. And this is exactly what I can now do, as well as having lots of other training benefits that I'm looking forward to discovering alongside the stopwatch, lap timer and GPS data capture.

My watch arrived yesterday and I quickly got to making an 'unboxing video', which you can view on my YouTube channel, to see what my first impressions were of the look of the watch. In addition to what comes in the box with it (the charging station is almost as exciting as the watch). So keep up with my trial on my blog, YouTube channel, Instagram and Twitter as I put the Runsense SF-810 through its paces. Starting with a session of intensive sprinting tonight!

The beautiful box the Epson Runsense SF-810 arrived in


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