Visiting The Vintage Wedding Fayre At St Fagans Museum

Now Christmas is over and with the wedding planned to take place in a few months, my partner and I thought that it was time to get back on the wedding planning trail and tick off the last few things on our list that we were yet to get sorted. They were quite big things; the decorations, florist and table centres, yet some how despite knowing exactly what we wanted, they had eluded us until now. So this weekend we headed to a wedding fayre held at St. Fagans National History Museum. Which initially, might sound like an unusual place to hold a wedding fayre, but it was just right for us.

Gluten Free Afternoon Tea at the Gwalia Stores Tea Rooms

For those who haven't been before, St. Fagans is like an outdoor museum of architecture, is how I would describe it anyway, set in a few acres of land that you can wander around. With the buildings on view ranging from Celtic times and Braveheart-esque huts, through to a grand castle/ manor house, Victorian school buildings and then more modern houses up to the present day. The wedding fayre was held in a beautiful old Workmen's Institute that looked like something straight out of Call the Midwife. It was really vintage looking, with bunting swathed around the inside of where the wedding fayre was taking place, which was exactly the look for what we've been looking for, for our wedding.

Although we knew the theme that we wanted for our wedding was 'vintage tea-dance', we didn't initially consider trying to find a wedding fayre that would specifically complement the vintage theme. But luckily we found one and were able to tick all three missing items from our wedding planning list. It wasn't the biggest wedding fayre that we've been to, but for what we wanted it was the best. And there was even time for gluten-free afternoon tea once the planning was done, in an old fashioned Tea Rooms!


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