The First BBC Radio Wales Newspaper Review Of 2016!

This morning I had the pleasure of reviewing some of the first news stories of 2016 for the BBC Radio Wales newspaper review. This morning's papers saw a lovely mixture of celebrating much of what was good for 2015 and noting the exciting things to look forward to in the upcoming year. In addition to the more serious stories hitting the headlines, that had occurred overnight.

The beautiful Christmas tree at the BBC Studios

My job this morning as the guest newspaper reviewer with presenters Kayleigh and Peter, was to scour the morning's papers for stories I thought listeners would find of interest and that I would enjoy talking about, myself. The first story that caught my eye was featured in many of the day's papers, but I spoke about the story on page 24 of the Mirror that mentioned that the nation spent a whopping £1bn on on sweets and confectionary last year. Despite the fact that many of the UK's larger supermarkets have removed sweet treats from their till areas. This figure having risen by 1.7% since the previous year, whilst chocolate sales had declined by 3% surprisingly. Which raised the idea of taxing sweet treats again, a theme that continues to hit the headlines everytime the growing obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemic is featured.

Of course January 1st is the time when people start making New Year's resolutions too, and The Guardian had a great feature where they'd polled readers on what lifestyle changes they'd be ringing in. Top of the list was losing weight, but what was good about this article was that it was balanced by an interview by a qualified dietitian from the BDA (british Dietetic Association). Who advised that a healthy lifestyle is the best way to maintain a healthy weight, by following tips such as eating at regular mealtimes to help prevent snacking and to consider moderation when it comes to portion sizes.

The red sky that greeted me leaving the BBC Studios

As always the review was over in a flash, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable morning. The early start for which was rewarded by a stunning red sky welcoming in the new year!


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