Winter Wanderings In Protect iT Socks

During the Summer I really enjoyed getting out and about with, for what my Dad and I have called, Camera Club. The activity involves taking it in turns picking a different destination at which to take photographs. As my Dad is also one of my coaches in athletics, Camera Club is also a good way to conduct what's known as an active recovery session. Which I know sounds like a bit of a contradiction in terms, but is actually a really important way to stay flexible and supple between heavy training sessions, by staying active. This is because if you sit still, things tend to seize up and injuries can happen. We picked a reservoir for this week's destination because there's so much to discover outdoors during the Winter too and it's a great way to get out and active when the temptation is to sit in front of the TV this time of year. So I donned my Protect iT socks, but swapped my usual Sports style to the Everyday type because they stretch slightly higher, enabling me to get added achilles support and gosh did I need it with the hills we ended up climbing!

Me with my feet up at the end of our hike in my Protect iT socks

The Wenault is a reservoir located at the top of the city where I live and boasts views that stretch right to the sea. During the Summer it also becomes a bluebell wood, and whilst there weren't any of the flowers out for us to see now. There were still signs that Spring isn't too far away.

Signs of Spring

We walked for nearly two hours from the brow of the hill (mountain) to where the stream that ran down it met the river and back up, in a fetching pair of wellies no less. As with all of the wet weather we've been having, it was often like wading through mud, but I managed to keep my footing well (just).

The reservoir stream

I remember that as a child I used to hate wearing wellies because they were so uncomfortable, pinching and rubbing, especially with the more activity you do in them. But my Protect iT socks not only kept my toes warm, which is something I struggle with a lot in relation to my diabetes, but there wasn't a blister in sight. Nor did I feel any rubbing or chaffing on my feet thankfully, as the last thing I would want to do is injure myself between training sessions! My achilles stayed nice and warm and supple, enabling me to race my Dad up and down the hills. Well you can take the girl from the athletics track...

But if athletics isn't your thing, but you want to get out and active, maybe work off some Christmas treats consumed- then walking is a brilliant way to do, especially for people with diabetes when done safely. Be sure to test blood glucose levels before, after as well as during the activity, take a sugary snack with you aswell as your diabetes kit and be sure to let someone know where you're going if you head out alone.

This is a sponsored blog post and I was kindly given the Protect iT socks to wear and review, however all opinions are my own.


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