Bath, Bakes and Brilliance: Afternoon Tea At The Pump Room

Today is my lovely Mum's birthday, and we love to go on many different kinds of adventures together. But one of our favourite pastimes is to visit different places for afternoon tea. As it was such a special occasion, I really wanted to find somewhere that would make for a different type of experience and immediately, Bath came to mind.

A few days before, when I started searching for where to go for afternoon tea, it was almost impossible to choose between the amazing array of tea rooms that Bath has to offer. But one place stood out in particular - The Pump Room. Steeped in Roman history, the restaurant where afternoon tea is served surrounds the stunning architecture of a beautifully preserved Roman baths and spa.

The experience of afternoon tea at the Pump Room Restaurant was one of luxury and elegance, from the incredible decor including a giant crystal chandelier. To the delightful atmosphere accompanied by a small orchestra on a stage, playing beautiful classical pieces with which to accompany tea drinking.

A gluten-free option was available for my own afternoon tea and my Mum had the normal one. The first test with gluten free afternoon tea is always, when it arrives, whether it's as good as the 'usual' option. But my Mum and I were both made to feel special with our own individual sandwiches, pastries and scone options. Each of which had been considered and designed to the finest detail. The finger sandwiches were delicate and delicious, one of which was a complete twist on salmon sandwiches; as this option was replaced by crisp breads and a salmon shot, finished with caviar.

The savoury and sweet scones were particularly admirable because I've noticed many chefs struggle to get them to rise to the height of normal scones, because of the gluten free flour I assume. So for Pump Room chefs to also create a savoury cheese version scone was to be commended.

The pastries accompanying the afternoon tea were really quite inventive, because they included a gin flavoured clear jelly, complete with an edible flower. There was a meringue cake with dehydrated berries, a macaron and a thick, rich, but velvety smooth chocolate mousse.

Luckily for us it the weather today was as incredible as the afternoon tea, so we were able to walk off our fullness a little on the way back to the car!


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