Keep Calm! It's My Diaversary

Today I'm celebrating, yes that's right celebrating, my diaversary! 15 years ago today I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Which understandably, on the surface might not seem like something to celebrate. However, just a few decades earlier, the prognosis of someone diagnosed with the same condition was not good and could even have been fatal. Another reason that I'm celebrating my diaversary is because this length of time is a measure of how far diabetes technology has come. I remember the hospital team mentioning at the time of my diagnosis that a cure might have been possible back then in 5-10 years time, unfortunately whilst research has advanced, it has not been discovered as yet.

But at the time I was diagnosed, I remember my blood glucose monitor being the size of my hand. Whilst now, it's the size of my finger and can talk to the insulin pump that I wear. Which replaces the multiple daily injections that I used to have to give myself. I'm currently wearing a sensor too, which would have all been unimaginable to me back then. That I would have a device that helped prevent my hypos for me and could tell me what my glucose levels are doing, without the need for such frequent finger pricking!

Usually I would plan a trip somewhere to mark the occasion. Which is a really helpful tradition that my Mum started after my diagnosis. But ironically today I had to sit my exam in anatomy and physiology, which actually involved a question on diabetes! Which as a whole, is a measure of how far I've travelled on my diabetes journey, that I have come to appreciate my type 1, enough to want to work with other people with the condition to make their lives with it easier.

Of course there are ups and downs with diabetes, I wouldn't be truthful if I claimed that there weren't. But the experiences I've had, even just over the past year, because of my diabetes makes it all a little easier. In the last 12 months I have travelled to Berlin, Milan and the European Parliament in Strasbourg to speak about my diabetes and sporting experiences. I've launched my own YouTube channel and started a new chapter towards becoming a dietitian to name but a few things. I've also been blessed with two incredible awards from diabetes charities. So as much as I've got to celebrate, I've got much more to be thankful for, which is really what today is about reflecting upon.


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