BBC Radio Wales - Talking Increasingly 'Excellent' Hba1c Results For Children

The number of children with excellent diabetes control is on the increase, but there are concerns over other vital health checks, suggests new research from the National Paediatric Diabetes Audit published today. As someone diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 13, I was invited to talk about my experience and the new research, on BBC Radio Wales this morning.

Speaking to presenter Rachel Garside, I was interviewed alongside Melissa, a Mum to a recently diagnosed child also with type 1. The research released today showed that hba1c results, which are the long term measure of glucose levels in patients, that are deemed as excellent by healthcare professionals have increased year on year for the past 5 years. However, this still only accounts for 23% for the 28,000+ patients in the study. Which although positive, means that there are still over 75% of paediatric patients not reaching this level.

The reason that excellent hba1c results are so important is that research shows that long term blood glucose levels outside of the suggested range, can lead to long term complications including kidney and eye damage in later life. Which relates to the other results of the study, that found that just under 65% of children received eye screenings and just over 50% were checked for kidney damage. These checks are fundamental in the early detection of problems that could affect health in later life.

I've seen first hand, the incredible care that is available within diabetes departments in the NHS. The paediatric team that I was under until I was 18 set me on a wonderfully supportive path to taking control of my condition. But this study suggests that care can be variable, depending on where children live. However, I think that it's important that the clinics that aren't quite able to provide all of these service checks be supported in doing so. Additionally, that children and parents have access to life-changing technology such as insulin pumps and sensors if they want them.

If you missed me on the radio this morning, then you can listen again here from 40 minutes in


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