These Socks Are Made For... Walking During National Walking Month!

The month during the month of May in the UK has been nominated National Walking Month, and as I've blogged about previously, I think walking is a wonderful way to get into gentle exercise if you're new to it. Or if you're a seasoned athlete such as myself, then walking is a great way to keep those muscles supple and working, as part of an active recovery program on days off.

These socks are made for walking!

National Walking Month has also worked well, coinciding with my passion for nature photography and cultural sites. So today, my Dad and I headed out to a place that was able to deliver both Welsh heritage, nature and architecture; at Caerphilly Castle. What's particularly special about this venue is that it comprises castle ruins, disintegrating at all kinds of weird and wonderful angles as you walk around it. In addition to the inner keep of the castle, which is still standing and provides a backdrop reminiscent of a medieval battle or a scene from Game of Thrones.

Mother of Dragons

We walked for hours discovering new parts of the castle, which is why one of the rules of 'camera club' is comfortable socks and shoes. You have to be able to bend, twist and contort to achieve that perfect camera shot, and you absolutely can't do that if your socks are rubbing or your heels are blistered. For the task I opted for my beige Toe Tec socks in an over the ankle style, to accompany my sturdy walking boots. They were long enough to cover the top of my boots, which ensured no rubbing around my ankles. The socks are also beautifully padded around the toes and heel, so that even after hours on my feet, I haven't got a single blister.

Caerphilly Castle

Now we're coming up to Summer the weather can be quite changeable (this is the UK after all), on this occasion however it was pretty warm. But the Toe Tec socks wicked the moisture away from my feet to keep them cool. But cleverly enabled the sweat to evaporate, so as to prevent my walking boots from becoming odourous. The fit is snug so as to prevent any slippage as I stormed the castle battlements (walked up the mounds that used to comprise some of the moat). All of which made for a thoroughly enjoyable walk this National Walking Month!

Nature at its fluffiest

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