How Should I Vote? The BBC EU Debate

Today I was kindly invited by BBC One to fly to the Briggait in Glasgow, a stunning venue, and the backdrop to an exciting debate between young people such as myself aged 18-29, and some of Britain's most prominent politicians. The aim of the debate was to be able to put the burning questions concerning young people from across the UK, to the politicians. It was also a fact finding mission for those that are yet undecided as to which way they'll vote in the upcoming European Union Referendum in June.

How Should I Vote?

Prior to the event, participants were asked whether they had made a decision yet on which way they would be voting in the EU referendum. In my opinion, I think the UK is stronger when standing together with the rest of Europe. So subsequently I was sat amongst the fellow 'Remainians'. There were an equal number of people who were for leaving the EU, and an even greater number undecided.

Alex Salmond, Me and Tom

The politicians that joined us on the night were former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond and Labour's Alan Johnson on the side of remaining in the UK. Also Diane James of UKIP and Conservative Liam Fox and the program was chaired/ presented by Victoria Derbyrshire. But the program was led by the questions that members of the audience such as myself had to ask them on the future of the UK should it leave or stay in the EU.

Presenter Victoria Derbyshire

Some of the debates got pretty heated, and it was clear from which, the passion and enthusiasm that we all shared for British politics and the power it has to influence our futures. In my opinion what came across loud and clear throughout the debate, was that there are only more questions in relation to leaving the European Union. Which is not to say that I think the status quo in the UK is perfect, but surely it's better the devil you know. Also that in order to be able to add a voice to the European conversation, you have to have a voice at the table.

Me, Tom and Alan Johnson

I think that we showed tonight, just how powerful young people's voices can be when talking about politics. We even got the #BBCDebate hashtag trending on Twitter, which shows that as a nation we are concerned about what the outcome will be. The experience of joining other young people at the debate was a great one, I made new friends and got to engage and participate in some enthralling conversations too. So now we all wait with baited breath to vote and discover the outcome of the EU Referendum in 4 weeks time.

If you missed the program and would like to watch it, it's available on BBC i-player here


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