My Dario Smart Meter - Trial

There's a very good reason that the Dario Smart Meter is named as it is, and that's because this device is seriously smart, both aesthetically and technologically. Dario kindly gave me a device with strips to try, and I've been trialling the Dario for the past few weeks, taking it everywhere with me and it's so handy... literally as it fits in the palm of your hand (or your pocket).

The sleek Dario device packagaing

So, what's so special about a blood glucose monitor that's small and compact, I hear you ask? Well, it's the very fact that the device is not just a glucose monitor. It also contains a compartment to hold a lancet, providing the finger prick device, the strips with which to test on are enclosed within the Smart Meter and also the inserter to make my phone a glucose monitor.

Dario smart features

There is a small plug-in device concealed within the console, that connects to my mobile phone, via the audio jack, that enables blood to be added to the strip and the blood glucose measure to be uploaded to the phone app. Another innovation of the Dario Smart meter is its integration with the Runkeeper exercise app, which is really handy as it enables you to take into account sporting activities with relation to glucose levels and food intake!

The Dario app, in addition to showing my blood glucose reading, also acts as a digital log-book. Which I found incredibly helpful, to be able to see trends and patterns in glucose readings, on the phone. The app is even able to provide an estimated A1C reading, so it helps track your progress, in turn helping arm you with information ahead of diabetes clinic. The app gives insights into, for example, how many highs and lows you've had in a week, which was helpful information to have when making decisions on dose adjustments for my pump. It enabled me to keep a food log, including a picture and carb details, of the foods enjoy.

One of the most impressive features for me, was that on the app you can send blood glucose readings to people in your contacts list. The other day I was at home alone and had a hypo of 2.9mmol, the symptoms that accompanied it weren't very nice. But I was able to quickly and easily text my partner from the app to let him know the situation, so that he could check up on me after I had treated the hypo. I was fine, but this was a very reassuring element to the device and it really impressed me.

In conclusion, I think the Dario Smart Meter and app are very clever. I love how discreet it was to use and the way that it makes use of the technology that I use everyday. If there was a downside to the device it would be that it only works with the phone. However, in the age of social media, I'm constantly connected and never without my mobile phone. So for me, this isn't a problem at all.

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